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Social Media Marketing is one of the most in-demand services in the marketing industry right now. At We Rise we specialise in Facebook & Instagram Advertising as it has proven to be one of the most targeted and cheapest forms of marketing today, ensuring that we can bring our clients the best results possible.

FREE Social Media Business Page Audit - a FREE video review of your current Facebook business page to highlight what you are doing well on your page and where we think you may be able to make improvements. This is complimentary with no obligation to work with us

Facebook Ad Creation & Management - highly targeted ads delivered to your ideal customer, ensuring traffic is motivated to buy, reducing your cost per purchase & increasing your profits

Identify your Perfect Avatar - rigorous testing ensures greater knowledge on how to best serve your customers, promoting successful business return

Weekly Updates & Monthly Analytics Reports - identify the volume of traffic and how they behave throughout your sales process to eliminate bottlenecks

Current Marketing Analysis & Identifying Financial Goals - devising a personalised, progressive marketing strategy that creates lasting change for your online brand presence

Strategic Competitor Analysis - we learn what works well and what doesn’t within your industry, ensuring you stand out from the competition

One Industry, One Area Policy - making sure that our clients never compete with each other and always get our undivided attention

Social Media Page Optimisation - increasing your social media following and awareness of your business' drive and ethos, ensuring more repeat business and organic growth

Landing Page & Funnels - we can create separate landing pages and funnels from your existing site if you are looking to promote a specific product / service

Build an Email List - capture email contacts and fuel your email marketing efforts to increase your organic outreach ​

Tracking & Re-targeting - we install a Facebook pixel onto your site so that we can re-target cold, warm or hot traffic based on their actions, e.g. website visits, time spent on site, product / service views, add to carts, abandoned carts, purchases, plus many more

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  • Increase 1-3% Post Visibility

  • Find that Perfect Audience

  • Set up Re-targeting Pixel

  • Widest Reaching Market Method

  • Attract Right Opportunities

  • Earn More Money With Less Struggle


  • Creative Designs & Copy

  • Brand Story Video Creation

  • Social Media Audit & Optimisation

  • More Recognition Within Your Industry

  • Selling Your Vision, Amplifying Your Voice


  • Current Marketing Analysis

  • Identify Financial Goals

  • Strategic Competitor Analysis

  • Personalised Strategy

  • Lifetime Customer Avatar

  • Educational 'How To' Videos

  • One Industry, One Area



Get Started In Just 3 Simple Steps


Fill out the application form via the link below to tell us a little bit about yourself, your company and any problems that you are trying to solve. We want to establish whether we are a good fit for each other - we will only take on clients that we are confident that we can help as we strive for long term partnerships.


Once we have received your application form, we will give you a quick call to introduce ourselves and schedule in the follow up call to discuss your business, how we can help you and your page audit results.  


The follow up call will be a deeper dive into your goals for your business to truly understand what you want to achieve so we can be confident that we can help you. We will also discuss your page audit to highlight what you are doing well and any areas where improvements can be made to optimise Facebook for your business. 


Here's Some Incredible Statistics & Reasons Why You Should Be Advertising On Facebook 

Your Customers Are On Facebook

Facebook's Q2 2020 report showed that the platform had 1.79 billion daily active users on average, an increase of 12% year-over-year. 

If your not taking advantage of this traffic it is likely your competitors are!

Facebook Advertising Is The Most Targeted Form Of Advertising

Facebook is the perfect channel for reaching your ideal audience with its ability to target users by gender, age, location, interests, demographics, connections and behaviour - more options than any other channel. You can even layer these variables to make your targeting even more specific. 

Facebook Is The Cheapest Form Of Advertising

Social media advertising has the cheapest cost per 1,000 impressions of any advertising method EVER as well as being the most targeted. With a daily ad spend of just £5 you can reach thousands of potential customers. 

With Facebook being the most popular social network worldwide, it is the primary content distribution channel for marketers today. 

Facebook Advertising Is Fast & Mobile

Facebook advertising drives immediate results. You can start reaching thousands of people today. So if you are looking for a fast way to drive traffic and conversions, Facebook advertising is the best solution.

In July 2020, over 98% of active user accounts worldwide accessed Facebook via mobile phone. Your advert can literally sit in your customers pocket and follow them around all day. 

Facebook Advertising Is In Real Time & Measurable

Your Facebook campaigns are completely measurable, you will be able to see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions you are receiving. You can also install a Facebook Pixel on to your site to track your conversions.

And if you are not happy with the results you are getting, you can make adjustments immediately in real time. 

Facebook Advertising Is More Effective Than Organic Marketing 

Facebook's updated algorithm only shows your organic posts to 1-3% of the people that like your page because they want to push businesses towards paid ads. Meaning if you want to increase your reach, paid social is the only way to go.

Do you want us to help you take advantage of the best advertising method available today and finally get the results you deserve?



And Why Are We The Right People To Help You?

We recognise the importance of understanding what the individual business owner wants, as no two are the same! We all started our businesses with visions and goals, but it is easy to get lost on the way and those visions become distant. We created We Rise to bridge that gap and help passionate business owners get realigned with their visions and back to hitting their goals!

Ross, one of the co-founders of We Rise, experienced the importance of marketing first hand, watching a family business struggle from lack of quality exposure and too much pride by relying on "word of mouth". This approach is not one you can scale and it can dry up overnight, which is exactly what he witnessed with his parents business. He wants to ensure that this is never the case for his clients. 


Therefore our Marketing Agency is driven by passionate thinkers who work closely with each business to fully understand them and create bespoke strategies that can produce unparalleled results.  We use a problem-solving approach to marketing, that doesn't just rely on analytical data but encompasses psychological metrics to help our clients reach their perfect customer. We love content and design, but thrive on the knowledge and connection necessary to succeed in a digital world.


We believe that Education is key; University was just the foundation, we have since  attended numerous Business and Marketing training courses, studied and completed the UK's only CPD accredited Social Media Marketing Academy and spent thousands on successful mentors to refine our skills and devise a system that not only utilises the best of our abilities but also serves as an imperative resource to those who require it. We have heavily invested in ourselves and we are dedicated to continuing our professional development so that we can continue to increase the value that we provide to our clients. 

 Meet the Team

Ross Hamilton-Wright

Ross' drive stems from experiencing the importance of marketing first hand. Watching a family business struggle from lack of quality exposure, he wants to ensure that is never the case for his clients. As a qualified Structural Engineer with a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture, he has a flair for problem-solving and is able to balance his technical skillset with creativity.

Kayleigh Newman

Kayleigh has always held a passion for behavioural psychology, which she further developed at University by studying an International Relations Degree with key focuses on anthropological & communication studies. With the addition of a background in Operations Management, she is key in the understanding of logistics and consumer behaviour which make advertising so effective.


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